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50th/51st Reunion
May 19-22, 2022

Registration List as of 5/17/22 5:18 PM EDT

Currently, 192 total persons including 119 Classmates have registered.



Rich and Kate Allman

John and Susan Arigoni

Bill Armiger and Diane Haines

Jay and Pam Bagdis

Dave and Lee Ball

Henry and Karin Barkhorn

Mac and Anne Barnes

Douglas and Debbie Beck

Skip Beck

Jim and Nancy Beha

Oz Bengur and Vicki Schultz

Linda Blackburn

Jim Bright

Chuck and Jill Brodbeck

Chris Buechler and Frances Kennett (Buechler)

Charles Bushong

Frank Caine

T. J. Camp

Linda Carroll

David Chamberlain

Ed Chambliss

Skollins and Kathleen Collins

Tom Connell and Laura Rojas

Charlie Crane

Barbara Croken

Allan Curlee and Janice Hill

Mark and Mary Dare

Paul Deibel

Roberto Del Vento

Richard and Maria DiFedele

Stephen Dreyfuss and Lillian Pliner

John and Hildy Drummond

Rob Eichner and Gloria Tuma

Bill Engel and Brian Li

Paul Flowerman

Bob Good

Jackie Hammond

Jeff Hammond and Jill Brooks

Josh Hammond

Patricia Hess

Ellen Higgins and John Brower

Susan Hill

Jack Hittson and William Boal

Veronnie and Lillian Hittson

Karl E Hofammann

Rich Hollingsworth

Hank and Petrina Holoszyc

Pete Johnsen and Nancy Farrell

John Kayser

Lex Kelso

Don Kirkpatrick and Liza Kirkpatrick S'71 P'01 P'04

Mike and Alyce Kozma

Bob Kuenzel

Mike and Kathy Ladra

Fred and Lynn Lepore

Art Lowenstein and Ann Patton

William Lucas and Claudia Powers

Podie Lynch

Dave Lyon

R. Dennis Macaleer

Tom MacMillan and Rachel Volynsky

Rand Mathieson

Mark Mazo and Fern Litman-Mazo

Sandy and Elsie McAdoo

Bill McCarter

Melissa McGinnis

Randy and Sharon Meadows

Bill and Anne Metzger

Paul and Chris Mickey

John Miller

Phebe Miller

Michael Mims

Kathy Molony

Mark and Susy Moorstein

Luther Munford

Richard Neill and Sally Siddiqi

Brad and Judy O'Brien

Gary Oleson

Ray and Carol Ollwerther

Raymond and Joanie Palmer

Jay Paris

Duncan Payne

Jon Perel

Terry Pflaumer

Doug Pike

Jamie Pitney and Virginia Davis

Ernest Pittman

Michael Potter

Thomas and Annie Potts

Stuart Rickerson and Hannah Diaz

Peter and Mary Robinson

Scott and Margo Rogers

Gowen Roper and Susan Squier

Dick Salmon

Roger and Anne Saltman

David Schankler and Tamra Carpenter

Frederick Sell

Ron and Barbara Senchesak

Porter Shimer

Thomas and Jamie Shuler

Tom and Barbara Sinclair

Bob Sinsheimer

Rob and Connie Slimmon

Rob Slocum and Nancy Eskridge

Ed Smith and Martha Friend

Geoff Smith

Randolph Snow

Wizard Sovatsky

Craig Stevens

Glenn Stover and Gerard Schulz

Tom and Linda Stubbs

Tina Sung

Tom Sutula

Mark Swanson and Suzette Gardner

Debbie Tegarden and Roderick Bass

Tim Tosta

Gerry Uehlinger

Jim and Tim Ungerleider

Alan and Karen Usas

Allen Uyeda and Allena Zecha

Gary and Bernadette Walsh

William Weigel

Carla Wilson

John and Kathy Winant

Howard Zien

Upcoming Events

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 Class of 1971's 50th Reunion Year

50th/51st Class Reunion

May 19-22, 2022

Football vs. Stetson

DeLand, FL
Class event in planning

September 17, 2022


Mississippi River Cruise

October 9-15, 2022

Future Class Reunions

52nd Reunion, May 25-28, 2023

53rd Reunion, May 23-26, 2024

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