Tigers Rout Yale as Classmates Tailgate and Celebrate

By Howard Zien

Homecoming week 2013 was a bit later than prior years, taking place on November 16 rather than mid or late October. Accordingly, the breathtaking fall colors of our undergraduate days and Homecomings past were but a vague memory with fading leaves swooshing and crunching underfoot.

But the sun was brilliant with the temperatures in the high sixties. It is as though the fates had conspired to create this beautiful backdrop for Princetonians to better enjoy the glorious day and the success of our football team.

The crowd at the stadium was better attended than any game in recent memory, with over 80% of the seats occupied. The overwhelming abundance of orange at the stadium and the cheering students more than made up for the fading autumn.

And the Tiger football team did not disappoint. There were very few break-away plays, rather a steady and methodical consistency that, when all was said and done, resulted in a surprising but very gratifying, lopsided score.

STU RICKERSON and others could not help but recall how many times while we were students Yale enjoyed the better half of the Princeton matchup. This time, it was the Tigers who enjoyed the victory and the spoils and the good feelings.

University-wide Tailgate. Prior to the game, all alumni were invited to attend a University-wide reception in the Fine Courtyard, free of charge. There were a wide variety of sandwiches, pasta salad, cupcakes, cookies as well as beer and a mulled apple cider. Princeton paraphernalia abounded including wristbands, buttons, orange sunglasses (don't ask) and Beat Yale beer cups. I was thinking that this tailgate alone would justify attendance by classmates as far away as Chicago and St. Louis.

The game and resulting victory justified attendance from California and beyond.

Though the tailgate was for all alums, the 71'ers managed to find one another and begin a joyous day among friends and Classmates.

Tiger Inn Reception. After the game, our class gathered in the Library on the second floor of Tiger Inn as has been the custom for the past several years. There was food and drink free of charge and courtesy of the Class treasury. If there were two dozen classmates and friends at the tailgate, there were over 50 attendees sharing in the glow of Princeton's victory and the good cheer that always seems to emanate from the class reception.

It was a perfect way to finish off a magnificent day.

Seen at one or more of the day's events: MURPHEY HARMON, STU RICKERSON, PAUL FLOWERMAN, DOUG PIKE, MARK MAZO and Fern, HANK HOLOSZYC, MARSHALL BURACK, GERRY UEHLINGER, RICHARD WILLIAMS and Nita Novy, CHUCK GOLDBERG, ART LOWENSTEIN, PODIE LYNCH, HOWARD ZIEN and spouse, JACK HITTSON, JACK HESS and Pat, WALLY HESS h71, BILL WEIGEL, BILL MCCARTER, ROBERT GOOD and spouse, RICH DEFIDELE and Marie, PETER HAUCK and Lydia, BILL LEWIS and friend, RON SENCHESAK and Barbara, DAVID SCHANKLER, RAY OLLWERTHER and spouse, and DEBRA TEGARDEN, Among those from other Classes who joined in were Jerome Coleman '70, Stuart Taylor '70, Andy Cowherd '74, Henry Maguire '79, Princeton Trustee Bob Hugin '76, and Hillary Durgin Harmon '85.

(More photos in the Gallery).

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