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Why Pay Your Dues?

The main reason to pay your dues is to acknowledge the major influence that the Class and the University have had on our personal and professional lives. On a practical level, our dues help to cover class expenses such as:

  • The 600-page full-color Class of 1971 50th Reunion Class Yearbook
  • Subsidizing regional and class events
  • Ongoing costs of the Class website
  • A Zoom account to be used by groups within our class to stay in touch
  • The infrastructure for our Virtual 50th Class Reunion
  • Covering some of the cost of reunions
  • Supporting the Alumni Council

The dues payments and participation the Class received this year were the largest on record. Approximately 40% of our class (290 out of 718) paid our dues. We  look forward to the 50th Reunion Class Yearbook and future class activities that are  funded by these dues payments.


What is the dues amount for the Class of 1971?

The standard dues amount is $100.  Many classmates have generously contributed more than this amount.   Conversely, for those who find it difficult to make this contribution, we would love to have you contribute any amount that you can. We are most interested in maximum participation.

Your dues payment is tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Pay by Mail

Click here to print a form, and pay by mail. The Class is charged a fee of up to 3% per transaction for the privilege of paying dues online with a credit card. To make your dues work even harder for our Class, please consider paying your dues by check and US Mail.

Pay Online

Paying online is extremely convenient, and you can do so by debit or credit card. To use your debit card, simply enter the 16 digits on your ATM or Debit Card into the Card Number field on the online payment form that will appear after you hit Submit below and follow the indicated steps. The dollar amount of this transaction will appear directly in your checking account the same day. If you want to pay by credit card, simply enter your credit number in the Card Number field on the online payment form.

Old Nassau Dues
Patron Dues
Sustaining Dues
Regular Dues
Other Dues

Save the WILD Life Fund ("SWLF")

Best known for its support at Major Reunions, SWLF also helps promote Princeton and the Class of ’71 with three regular Class events now etched into 1971’s collective Class memory and schedules over nearly 25 years:
  • 1971’s Class Reception after a home football game each Fall
  • The pre-P-Rade Class lunch at off-year Reunions
  • The Class off-year reception, usually at Prospect House
Each of these events is free to all Classmates, their families and guests. Hundreds of Classmates and their families have convened at these events since SWLF started them, generating many new friendships among our Classmates and rekindling many old ones. As much as anything, these events have helped bind the Class together. Through these events, many of us first met and can now also call Princetonians from different generations "friends." Watch for announcements about each. For more info, click here.
Save the Wildlife Fund

Upcoming Events

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 Class of 1971's 50th Reunion Year

50th/51st Class Reunion

May 19-22, 2022

Football vs. Stetson

DeLand, FL
Class event in planning

September 17, 2022


Mississippi River Cruise

October 9-15, 2022

Future Class Reunions

52nd Reunion, May 25-28, 2023

53rd Reunion, May 23-26, 2024

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