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Why Pay Your Dues?

The main reason to pay your dues is to acknowledge the major influence that the Class and the University have had on our personal and professional lives. On a practical level, our dues help to cover class expenses such as:

  • Cover some of the cost of Reunions, especially off-year Reunions and some other Class gatherings
  • Ongoing costs of the Class website, mailings, etc.
  • License a Zoom account to be used by groups within our Class to stay in touch
  • Fulfill Class obligations related to supporting the Alumni Council

Historically, each Princeton Class has been required to pay, based on class headcount, a share of Princeton Alumni Weekly costs.  Over the years, this amount has been the largest component (approximately 40%) of our class expenditures. Effective this year, however, the University is assuming that cost.  Accordingly, our class is able to reduce substantially our dues amount.


What is the dues amount for the Class of 1971?


Effective July 1, 2022, the Class of 1971 annual standard dues payment is $71 per classmate. 


Many classmates have generously contributed more than this amount. Please feel free to do so going forward. Conversely, for those who find it difficult to make this contribution, we would love to have you contribute any amount that you can. We are most interested in maximum participation.


Given the welcome reduction in Class annual expenses, however, the total expected annual costs of the all-Classmate benefits of the homecoming and off-year reunion events are expected to exceed the 20% University cap on such “miscellaneous expenses.” To continue to host such popular Class gatherings at Class expense, the Executive Committee, following University guidance, determined that annual dues donations should no longer be considered tax-deductible. If you have any question, however, please consult your tax advisor.



Save the WILD Life Fund ("SWLF")


For over 30 years, the mission of Save the WILD Life Fund, 1971’s own Wild Life Class “brand,” has been to increase attendance at Reunions and other on-Campus events that are open to all Classmates while reducing fees to attend by providing financial support for “nice to have extras” at Reunions. Along the way, SWLF shaped 1971’s reputation as the place to be to see “Bands of our College Times,” while providing funds for other Class gatherings.


In its first decade, SWLF provided seed funding for three annual Class events, now paid for by the Class and etched into 1971’s collective Class memory ever since:  The pre-P-Rade Class lunch at off-year Reunions; the Class off-year Reunions Class Reception at Prospect House; and 1971’s Annual Class Meeting after one home football game each Fall. Each of these events is free to all Classmates, their families, and guests. More recently, in 2021 SWLF provided support for 1971’s Fall Retreat and in 2022 it underwrote “nice to have extras” at our award-worthy 51st Reunion. Then, there were the “Big Act” bands funded entirely by SWLF supporters.


Thanks to so many of you who have given in the past; your gifts made a difference! We hope you will consider making a gift to SWLF in whatever amount you are comfortable and capable giving ($50, $250 or whatever). For more info, click here.


The University advises that, because expenses of the Class and the SWLF are primarily for Reunions and similar activities, dues and SWLF contributions are not tax deductible. If you have any question in this regard, however, please consult your tax advisor.

Pay by Mail


Click here to print a form, and pay by mail. The Class is charged a fee of up to 3% per transaction for the privilege of paying dues online with a credit card. To make your dues work even harder for our Class, please consider paying your dues by check and US Mail. Thank you!



Pay Online


Paying online is extremely convenient, and you can do so by debit or credit card. First make your selection from either the Regular Dues or Other Amount option below (choose one). If Other Amount is selected, enter the amount you wish to pay as Class dues in the box on the right. If you wish to make a donation to SWLF, please check the box below and enter your gift amount. Then click Submit at the bottom of the screen.


To use your debit card, simply enter the 16 digits on your ATM or Debit Card into the Card Number field on the online payment form that will appear after you hit Submit and follow the indicated steps. The dollar amount of this transaction will appear directly in your checking account the same day. If you want to pay by credit card, simply enter your credit number in the Card Number field on the online payment form.



The University advises that, because expenses of the Class and the SWLF are primarily for Reunions and similar activities, dues and SWLF contributions are not tax deductible. If you have any question in this regard, however, please consult your tax advisor.

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February 22, 2025

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54th Reunion, May 22-25, 2025

55th Reunion, May 21-24, 2026

56th Reunion, May 20-23, 2027

57th Reunion, May 18-21, 2028

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