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Greetings Tiger,

Thank you for thinking about supporting the Save the WILD Life Fund ("SWLF") in whatever amount you are comfortable giving so it can continue its efforts for Princeton’s Class of 1971, the "WILD Life Class."


SWLF's central mission is to increase attendance at Reunions and other on-Campus events that are open to all Classmates while reducing fees by providing financial support for “nice to have extras.”

As you consider making a gift to SWLF, please know that: 

  • Between our 40th and 50th Reunions, more Classmates gave more to SWLF than ever before. Thanks to those of you who helped! It made a difference!!
  • SWLF supported our “50th Reunion … Continued” and our Fall Retreat, likely the largest class organized gathering on or near the campus in all 2021, contributing to the Class winning the top Alumni Council prize for the “best planned and run Major Reunion,” the Clancy Award.
  • In 2022, SWLF provided substantial support to our award-worthy 51st Reunion, called “the largest 51st Reunion in history” by the Alumni Council.
  • Without SWLF support, registration fees for our 25th, 35th, 40th, 45th Reunions and "50th Reunion...Continued" would have been $100 to $250 more per Classmate at each Reunion.
  • Those Reunions experiences would have been far less memorable, and achieving ‘71’s record-setting attendance figures far less likely  That’s yet another reason to thank our hundreds of SWLF donors!
  • No Princeton Class has brought 5 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame performers to its Reunions stages, thanks to SWLF and its supporters. The “Bands of our College Times” have never been part of registration fees, instead supported entirely by individual Class members through the SWLF.

The SWLF board planned to retire the Fund with our 50th Reunion. When the University decided to pivot to virtual, the Big Act SWLF targeted had no place to play. Reunion Chair Jeff Hammond thinks that SWLF can help make our upcoming off-year Reunions more special, leading to a rewarding 55th in 2026, as it did at our 51st. After thoughtful consideration, SWLF plans to sunset after the curtain comes down on our 55th Reunion. Remaining SWLF funds, if any, will transfer to 1971’s Reunions account to assist Classmates who can still attend.


We hope we can still count on your support in any amount you are comfortable giving. Please consider making your Annual Giving gift and paying your Dues first, however.


Your SWLF gifts add up, and will make a difference in 1971’s Reunions experience and attendance in the years ahead.

Click here to learn about the proud history of the Save the WILD Life Fund.



  • Make your check payable to "Princeton University, Class of 1971,” noting, "Save the Wild Life Fund” in the memo line. Send your check to Stu Rickerson, Founding Chair SWLF at P. O. Box 510, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067-0510.
  • If you prefer, add your SWLF gift with your Class Dues payment using the card mailed with the President's letter.
  • Click here to pay your Class Dues online and add your SWLF gift.
  • Or use the button below to make an online gift to SWLF.

The University advises that, because expenses of the Class and the SWLF are primarily for Reunions and similar activities, dues and SWLF contributions are not tax deductible. If you have any question, however, please consult your tax advisor.

For more information or if you have any questions about SWLF or suggestions for what "extras" you’d like to see or support at our upcoming Reunions, please contact me. 



Stu Rickerson '71 P21
Founding Chair, SWLF




Upcoming Events

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53rd Reunion

May 23-26, 2024

Future Class Reunions

54th Reunion, May 22-25, 2025

55th Reunion, May 21-24, 2026

56th Reunion, May 20-23, 2027

57th Reunion, May 18-21, 2028

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