Class of 1971
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Class of 1971 In Memoriam


With sadness we share news of the passing of departed Classmates. We remember and honor their lives, which crossed our paths during our Princeton undergraduate years.


Use the dropdown list labelled "Order" to sort the list by name or by earliest or latest date of death.


To view the Memorials and Remembrances and to offer a Remembrance of your own, please login to the Class website and access this page. Once logged in, you may offer a Remembrance for any Classmate by clicking the button Submit a Remembrance.


You may see a Memorial that has not yet been completed pending approval of the family and/or further input on the life of the deceased. Please contact Mark Swanson '71, Class Memorialist, via email at if you wish to add to the Memorial or offer any comments on this page.

You may also access the links below to content helpful in remembering our departed Classmates:

Princeton Alumni Weekly Memorials

Class Memorial Service at October 2021 Retreat

Class Memorial Service during Virtual 50th Reunion

Class Memorial Service during 45th Reunion


Note: The Peter Charapko shown in the list is our Classmate Peter's father, who was an Honorary Member of the Class of 1971.



NameMemorialRemembrancesDate of Death

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