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Class of 1971 50th Reunion Memorial Service

October 15, 2021

Princeton University Chapel


Before the start of the Class of 1971 Fall Retreat, classmates paused to remember the lives of 39 members of the Class who had passed since our 45th Reunion in 2016 or whose death had become known. Below is the program for the Service, an audio recording, and the list of those classmates named on that day.



Reverend Doctor R. Dennis Macaleer '71


Reverend Gregory Winsky '71

Others Participating

Class Roll Reader: Jack Hittson '71, Class Historian and Reunion Chair Emeritus

Class Roll Reader: Rob Slocum '71, Class Secretary

Organist: Kevin O'Malia

Sound and Recording Technician: Kenny Grayson h71








Click arrow at the left to listen to the service.



Click to enlarge program image.





We Remember

David P. Ackerman

William R. Elfers

Richard L. Lindsey Jr

Alan Brinkley

Pandelis M. Glavanis

Louis Harkey Mayo Jr

Leonard G. Brown

J. Murray Goff

Vincent B. McGinnis

Robert M. Browne

Cornelius L. Griffith

Alan G. Moore

Steven L. Buenning

John E. Grimmer

Bruce Taylor Reese

James C. Carmichael

P.J. Murphey Harmon

David C. Richardson

Steven C. Charen

James E. Henderson

John M. Rooney

John A. M. Chitty

Ronald N. Hochman

Jerome B. Simandle

J. Randall Choun

William F. James

Richard Sobel

Jon C. Cieslak

W. Lawrence Joachim

Ted J. Swisher

Daniel P. Cunningham

Arlene G. Julius

McNeill Watkins II

Joseph A. Dehais

David R. Keller

Mark P. Wine

Charles R. Dressel

James C. Krieg

Anthony R. Wofford


The complete list of departed classmates can be found on the Class website here. Memorials are published in the Princeton Alumni Weekly as information becomes available. The online archive is viewable here.


At the Class Virtual 50th Reunion event in May 2021 a Memorial Service was held featuring a video with music, a homily, and the reading of the names of deceased classmates. You may view the video here.


Additionally, the Class website Directory contains the memorials with the entry for each classmate. You are invited to leave a message of remembrance for any deceased classmate. Login to the website and click My Profile at the righthand side. Click the tab Remembrances, choose the classmate from the dropdown list, and enter your message in the box provided.


Questions or comments about Class of 1971 memorials can be addressed to Mark Swanson '71, Class Memorialist, via email

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