Chicago Alums Welcome Mitch

MITCH DANIELS was a huge hit at the Princeton Club of Chicago's annual dinner, where he was the keynote speaker. Even a number of major, avowed, big-time Democrats were seen loudly applauding Mitch's remarks. He shared his common-sense approach to government and doing the "people's work," plus shared anecdotes about his recent segue to the presidency of Purdue. Speaking of his new job, Mitch got a huge laugh from the 200-plus Princetonians and their spouses and guests when he told how one elderly friend expressed surprise at hearing Mitch was named Purdue president, exclaiming, "What the heck does Mitch know about chickens," obviously thinking he was taking over the famous poultry processor (Perdue). Just goes to show how changing a single vowell can make all the difference! Mitch answered a lot of questions after his prepared remarks -- and, to the clear disappointment of many present, again made it very plain-- he would not run for president of the U.S. 1971's table was sponsored by Class Planned Giving Chair BILL ZWECKER, who reported and is pictured (on left) with Mitch and RICK SOBEL.

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