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2019 Homecoming Honors '71 Football
Team Members

By Howard Zien '71, Class Treasurer


We have just returned from the homecoming event on October 26, 2019 at Princeton, a weekend filled with tradition, enjoyment, extraordinary contemporary football success, and a tribute to our Class from 50 years ago. 


This year, 2019, the tigers are undefeated with two significant challenges between us and a second consecutive Princeton Ivy League Championship.  These two teams are Dartmouth and Yale.  Many of us will be at Yankee Stadium in NYC on November 7 to see the Princeton-Dartmouth game and salute the Orange and Black.


Even as we celebrated the success of the current football Tigers, who dealt Harvard a 30-24 loss, we had the opportunity to salute and applaud our own Classmates from the Class of 1971 who were members of the 1969 Princeton Football team and Ivy League Champions in that year 1969, exactly fifty years ago.


Several members of our Class were major contributors to Princeton’s football success in 1969. They were acknowledged individually by name at halftime at Powers Field. These individuals were Barrett*, Burns*, Corcoran*, Jeffry Davis, Dirks, Dressel (D), Ellis, Hauck*, John Hess (D), Liddell*, McCullough*, Chris Montgomery, Rickerson, Roegge, Saner, Senchesak, Waugh, William West and Williamson (D). Those starred (*) were able to be present for the celebration and recognition; (D) identifies a Classmate now deceased.


But our class reaped an additional benefit from this 50-year acknowledgement of our gridiron triumphs of 1969.


Many of our classmates, who came from all over the country to be acknowledged, have rarely attended the homecoming weekend events. This year, they did. 


At the Tiger Inn end of day cocktail gathering, a number of new faces attended, and what fun it was.



Pam and Kirk Liddell, Bill and Linda Armiger


Brian McCullough, Dennis Burns, Jack Hittson,
Bernie Barrett



Pete and Lidija Hauck, Bruce Corcoran


Who knows?  Now that they see how festive the events are, they will become regulars.

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