Classmates Revel in 2020 San Diego

By Stu Rickerson '71


The 2020 edition of 1971’s SoCal mini-reunion produced a record turnout of over 3 dozen Tigers and spouses over the long Valentines/Presidents day weekend. Hailing from 7 states plus Canada, the WILD Life crew descended again on Tony’s Jacal in the La Colonia section of Solana Beach for hearty authentic Mexican food, a mariachi band, great conversations and revival of old friendships (and a few new ones). Once again, the “Honor Code” payment system worked (no bills presented; each Classmate mentally keeps track of meal and beverage costs, and pays cash at the end), covering the entire evening’s cost and generating nearly $700 extra going to the Save the WILD Life Fund to support Class Reunions activities. After a welcoming reception our meal began with a toast to all our Classmates who left us this year (Class Prez Podie Lynch recently wrote we lost more of our Classmates in the past 12 months than any year since we came together at Alexander Hall in September 1967.), and especially SoCal event regulars (Hilary and) Murphey Harmon and (Carol and) Mark Wine, who would be honored the following weekend as part of the Alumni Day Service of Remembrance.


Their loss became an underlying weekend theme of “What Are We Waiting For?” The organizers urged all Classmates to attend our 49th Reunion May 28-30 (smaller, intimate, time to enjoy more of what Reunions offers, no registration fee) and of course “the really Big One” our 50th Reunion, May 19-23, 2021. [Several weeks after the dinner, the 2020 Reunions and Commencement were cancelled. - Ed.]


Other activities over the 3 to 5 days of this mid-winter respite included nature hikes, beach walks, dinner parties around the area; golf, museums, gallery and park tours; lunch at The Del and more, with each day sunny, calm, dry and mild. Among those attending were organizers Julie and Geoff Smith, Susan and John Arigoni, Liza and Don “KP” Kirkpatrick, Barbara and Tom Sinclair, Hildy and John Drummond, Kirk Liddell, Brad O’Brien, Tim Tosta, Mike Ladra, Bill Zwecker, Mike Pepper, Elyse Dasko and Rick Ostrow, Jeanine and Mike Twomey (who won the coveted long-distance award), Jack McNab, Maggie Riley-Hagan and Rob Watson, Bob Kuenzel, Susan and Bill Kuntz, Brian Langston, Heide and Dale Neuberger, Jim Chiu andStu Rickerson. The “Old Guard” was represented by Faye and Hugh Davies ’70, with Melissa and Larry Kurtz ’72 providing their “youthful perspective.” Maggie and Laird Hayes missed for the first time in many years as they were sightseeing in Antarctica! Gail and Scott Alexander were last-minute cancelations due to family illness and Paul Deibel could not make it because of a death in his family. Our condolences.


Bill Zwecker, Mike Pepper and Bob Kuenzel


What began over 20 years ago when 5 (Smith, Kuntz and Rickerson, plus Scott Rogers and Ned Scudder who have since moved to the other sunshine state) realized they lived within a few miles of each other and should get together has grown to the annual, still expanding, official Class event. See you next year!


Visit the Class Photo Gallery by clicking here to see more photos of the event.

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