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Memories from the 45th Reunion - Celebrating the Wild Life

By Mark Swanson, '71 Class Secretary
Photo and text with permission from the Princeton Alumni Weekly

The 45th was an exhilarating and inspiring experience for all who attended. Jack Hittson was outstanding as Reunions chair. Let's start with the music, organized by Stu Rickerson. On Thursday at Holder, in partnership with '76, we hosted a great performance by Creedence Clearwater Revisited before a huge crowd. After a scrumptious dinner at South Frist Friday, we moved back to Holder for a stirring performance by Mike Love h'71 of the Beach Boys, who mesmerized the large crowd for nearly two hours. This was followed by the high-energy sounds of The Right Mix. 1971 had two bands dazzle at the Alumni Battle of the Bands: Peacock Crossing (with Stuart, Machin, and Masys) and Occam's Razor (with Metzger, Peter Robinson, and Shimer). At the Holder tent, we heard solo performances by Nunnery, as well as Robinson and Shimer. Craynock and the Bulldogs played oldies at Terrace.

Friday morning, more than 40 classmates and family members were heartened by the class memorial service in the Chapel, officiated by Winsky and Macaleer. Dennis's homily can be read here. Community House was the site of our Saturday community-service project. Organized by Mavros and Liddell, class members shared experiences and provided educational mentoring to students. Later the P-rade was completed in high heat and record time.

On the cerebral side, the following 11 classmates participated in alumni-faculty forums: Daniels (the future of universities), J. Hammond (gun control), Sobel (immigration), McAuliffe (health epidemics), Kelso (inequality in society), Macaleer (aging), Lepore (health care), Cheng (space exploration), Hitch (Russian tensions), Munford (K-12 education), and Loughlin (urology).

The Tigerlilies melodically entertained before our class meeting on Saturday evening, where officer election results were announced. Re-elected for five years were president Podie Lynch, secretary Mark Swanson, and treasurer Howard Zien. Newly elected was vice president Gary Walsh. Alan Usas will continue as tech chair. AG will be headed by Kathy Molony and Rob Slocum. President Eisgruber '83 gave a short, energized update of the University. Rickerson and Hittson were inducted into Princeton's Society of the Claw for contributions to Reunions over the years. New honorary class members are: Jeff Graydon, athletic facilities; Kenny Grayson, electrical services; Bill Hardt '63, AG; and Dottie Werner, Alumni Affairs.

Upcoming website features: Freshmen crew donates new shell to Princeton; Geoff Smith, J. Drummond, and O'Brien ride motorcycles cross country to Reunions; class survey; many Reunions pictures.

Also present for near-record attendance: Allman, Arbisser, Arigoni, Armiger, Baine, Balfour, Barber, Barbieri, Barkhorn, Mac Barnes, Batty, Skip Beck, Doug Beck, Beckner, Beha, Beilin, Bengur, Benson, Berg, Blackburn, Blundon, Bostian, Boyle, Brachman, Bratnober, Bright, Brinkley, Brodbeck, Browne, Burack, Caine, Chamberlain, Charapko, Charen, Chitty, Cieslak, Clagett, Colborn, Colby, Coleman, Skip Collins, Conderacci, T. Connell, Corcoran, Crane, Crocker, Croken, Cunningham, Curlee, Cutchins, Daniels, Dare, Deibel, DiFedele, Dirks, Dressel, Dreyfuss, Driggs, Bob Duncan, Eichner, Elfers, Fish, Fitzgerald, Flowerman, Freeman, Good, Goth, Grezlak, and Halfnight.

Also, Ham, Harmon, J. Hart, T. Hart, Hawley, Hayes, Hecht, Henkelman, Jim Hess, Hitch, Hofammann, Hollingsworth, Holmer, Holoszyc, Hoxie, Huard, Hyson, S. Jackson, Kapelos, Kayser, Kelso, Bob Kemp, D. Kirkpatrick, Krieg, Kuenzel, Kuntz, Ladra, Lape, Lapetina, Lerner, Levine, Libby, Lillie, L. Lindsey, Livingston, Lowenstein, Lucas, Lyon, MacMillan, D. Marshall, J. Marshall, Maxson, Mazo, McAdoo, McCarter, McGinnis, McLaughlin, McLean, McNab, Meadows, P. Miller, R. Miller, Miner, Moffat, Montgomery, Moorstein, Morgan, Moss, and Muther.

Also, Neale, Nicholas, Oleson, Ollwerther, Ostrow, Oxford, Paris, Paxton, Payne, Peff, Pepper, Perel, Perraut, Pflaumer, Pike, Pitney, Potter, Potts, Quay, Reese, Reiter, C. Robinson, Rodman, S. Rogers, Rubenstein, Salmon, Saltman, Schankler, Ned Scudder, Seebald, Senchesak, Shea, Sheldon, Roberta Shell, Shen, Shuler, Simandle, Snow, Sokler, Sollis, Sovatsky, Stanczak, Steuert, Stevens, Stewart (Maryland), Stuart, Stubbs, Sung, Sutula, Swanson, Tegarden, Tosta, Townend, Trenga, Trieshmann, Uehlinger, Ungerleider, Uyeda, R. Warner, Randy Watkins, Mac Watkins, Weigel, Weiner, David Williams, Richard Williams, Carla Wilson, Chris Wilson, Winant, Wine, Winsky, Wise, and Zien.


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