Greetings Tiger,

We thank you for thinking about supporting the Save the WILD Life Fund so it can continue its efforts for Princeton’s Class of 1971, the "WILD Life” Class. As you consider making a gift to SWLF, did you know that: 

  • Between our 40th and 45th Reunions, more Classmates (more than 10% of the Class) gave more than ever before to SWLF, and 
  • At our 45th, SWLF supported more Classmates directly and indirectly than ever before. 

We hope we can count on this trend continuing as we approach "the Really Big One” -- our 50th Reunion, scheduled for May 27-30, 2021. (And, it’s never too early to pencil this date in your calendar!)


Once again, we ask SWLF supporters to "vote” by their gift amount for the entertainment level you want us to shoot for our 50th Reunion in 2021. We hope you’ll consider your "vote" also as a personal pledge of continuing support to the SWLF each year between now and our Fiftieth. 

As we have often said, without SWLF support registration fees for our 25th, 35th, 40th and 45th Reunions would have been $100 to $250 more per Classmate at each Reunion, those experiences would have been far less memorable, and ‘71’s record-setting attendance figures could not have been achieved. 

In the coming years, SWLF will continue to support Class efforts to increase 1971 attendance at both Major and "off-year” Reunions, other Class events and Annual Giving participation, while reducing costs for Classmates and their families. These events include the: 

  • FREE Class reception in the Class of 1971 Library at the Tiger Inn after the Big 3 home football game (Yale or Harvard), 
  • FREE lunch before the P-Rade, and 
  • FREE reception before our Class Dinner at off-year Reunions. 

These events are open to all Classmates, their families and friends at no charge. 

SWLF needs your help to make these things -- and more -- possible. Please give what you can, or give an amount that represents what the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Reunions memories SWLF has been able to deliver through the generosity of Classmates have meant to you, your families and your friends.

Please tell us which of the following options you prefer for our 50th Reunion. Remember that the entertainment that has distinguished 1971 as one of the "Great Reunions Classes” is not part of 1971’s Reunions registration fees, but is separately supported by individual Class members through the SWLF.

Consider one of the choices:

  • Generic Reunions bands are "good enough” -- $25 per year
  • Darlene Love-caliber band -- $71 per year
  • Smokey Robinson-caliber band -- $250/year
  • The Beach Boys/Creedence-caliber band -- $500/year

Once you make your choice, please turn your "vote” into a personal commitment at the level of support that is affordable for you. 

We hope you will consider making a personal pledge for each of the remaining years between now and our 50th Reunion, for example: $71/yr, $250/yr, etc. 

If just a few dozen Classmates give the equivalent of $1, $5, $10 or $20 each week, this will translate into a meaningful difference in 1971’s 50th Reunion experience, just as it has in year’s past.

With your "vote” and by your chosen support level, SWLF will know in advance what you want and what SWLF aspirations should be. 


  • Make out your check payable to "Princeton University, Class of 1971,” noting, "Save the Wild Life Fund” in the memo line. Send your check to me at P. O. Box 510, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067-0510. 
  • If you prefer, enclose your check with your Class Dues payment. Click here to pay your Class Dues.
  • You can also donate online with PayPal via the Class website.

For more information or if you have any questions about SWLF, please contact me at, or call me at 858-922-3501. 

Many thanks for your continuing support.

Stu Rickerson
Founding Chair, SWLF

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